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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Why did you create the Citizen of the World Guides?
    To meet the need for one-stop, pragmatic, straightforward advice on how to achieve one’s full potential in today’s demanding, competitive world, recognizing that anyone can become a Citizen of the World.

  2. Who is the target audience for the COTW Guides?
    Young individuals aged 18 to 35, especially those starting their careers. Plus, anyone who is looking for mentoring on how to achieve a successful personal, social and professional life.

  3. Are the COTW Guides relevant to individuals outside of North America and Europe?
    Yes! Globalization is causing all of the countries in the world to come closer together and be more dependent on each other — culturally, socially and commercially. The series title, The Citizen of the World Guides, was chosen to recognize that individuals around the globe are increasingly adopting common approaches in their conduct.

  4. What do you hope to accomplish with this website?
    Essentially, is designed to serve as a comprehensive mentoring platform for the millions of individuals who are interested in maximizing their success — personally, socially and professionally. The best way to connect with these individuals in this manner is through a website.

  5. Apart from offering useful advice, do you have another goal with the COTW Guides?
    Yes. To encourage individuals throughout the world to adopt a code of behavior that will lead to harmonious relationships and a more compassionate, tolerant, civil society everywhere.

  6. What makes the COTW Guides unique from all other sources of advice?
    The COTW Guides and website provide you with one overall combined source for what you need to know — how to make the right impression, achieve success in your career, be an effective communicator, and understand what’s really important in life. The emphasis is on giving easily understood, straightforward advice regarding those actions that you yourself can control.

  7. Why are you making the content of the COTW Guides available for everyone to read and download on a free basis?
    My objective is to get this information in the hands of as many individuals in the world who will benefit from it as is possible. Free downloads make the COTW Guides easily accessible to everyone with an Internet connection.

  8. Who else was involved in developing the COTW Guides?
    My daughter, Serena, played a major role in editing most of the content in the COTW Guides. I also asked a large group of individuals from diverse backgrounds to give me their feedback on how the content could be improved or made more relevant. This included many younger persons as well as people with a special expertise in the various subjects being covered. Click on “Thanks for Your Help” for more information in this regard.

  9. What are your plans for updatiing the content of the existing COTW Guides and website?
    The Guides and website are edited and revised on an ongoing basis to incorporate the feedback I receive from you and other readers, plus as I come across valuable information from other sources.

  10. How can I view a translation of the COTW website and the Citizen of the World Guides in another language of my choice?
    You can do so by clicking on Translate at the bottom of the menu on the left side. Keep in mind that this will give you a computer-produced translation that may not be as good as one produced by a professional translator.

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